Why and When to Use Transactional SMS in Your Business?


Are you not sure why and when to use transactional SMS in your business? Here are some points when you should not think of moving ahead without letting your customer know.

  • Confirmation of transaction
    Delivery confirmation
    Online Order Receipts
    Sending Alerts
    Industrial Notifications
    Automated Business Messages
    Status information of ordered products

Best  in Various Industries.

In schools
Sending Fee alerts, reports card alerts, Event alerts ,important notices and fee receipts.

In Business Industry
For scheduled interviews, interview results, order, invoices or deal confirmation, delivery report and receipts.

In E-commerce Business
At every step in the process of product delivery, for proper tracking and letting customers know about the status regarding their order.

In Restaurants
On ordering Food, payment confirmations, dispatching of selected items, arrival at customer’s place and successful delivery.

In Pharmacy & Medical
Chemists shop billing alerts, order, invoices important notices and receipts.