Which is the Best Bulk SMS Reseller Program?


Datagen provides one of the best Bulk SMS Reseller program which is very reliable at quite
a reasonable cost. As Bulk SMS Service is being used in almost every field for digital
marketing and promotion, one can easily become a reseller with almost no investment.
Datagen Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. provides absolute Bulk SMS Re-seller platform and
solutions. There is no set-up or hidden cost required for becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller.
We have two different kinds of plans available with us under Bulk SMS reseller program
which are mentioned below.

1. Prepaid plan – Prepaid plan is based on credit. In Prepaid Plan, Reseller can
purchase the SMS Credit by making one time 100% advance payment for the
quantity of SMS he purchases.

2. Post-paid plan – Post-paid plan is based on usage. In Postpaid Plan, Reseller is
charged based on the usage by the end of every month or a fortnight. Basically the
quantity of SMS sent from the Reseller’s account in a specific time period. Usage
period is not fixed and can be mutually decided by both the parties i.e. the Bulk SMS
Service Provider and the Reseller.

  • Some of the salient features of our Re-seller panel include:-
  • Three types of models are there on our Re-seller panel i.e. SMPP, API and Web
  • A consolidated report is generated in each model. Hence, the Reseller can check his
    personal report as well as his clients’ report.
  • We have got direct and multiple connectivity from major operators like Airtel,
  • Vodafone , Idea etc. to ensure fast and timely delivery of SMS.
  • We have dedicated servers for all the models.
  • Throughput (No. of messages processed per second) is utterly strong for high
    volume and fast delivery.
  • Our panel is very User friendly and easy to use.
  • A reseller can create further normal as well as reseller accounts.
  • We have highly qualified and technical team for providing 24/7 technical support.