Important Notification – Revision in SMS Rates


Dear Valued Customer,

Further to the ongoing discussion on price revision, this email notification is to keep you appraised on the changes that you would notice in your account.

The price change is due to an increase in input cost from the operators, your SMS prices are revised with effective from May 15, 2018, this has already been communicated to your commercial contact/Account Administrator. You will now notice these following changes in your accounts

1. Pre-paid: credits will be readjusted in your accounts based on the new price change, you could ask your account administrator for details or additional credits. This change will reflect in your account on 15th of May, 2018 EOB.

2. Post-paid: You will be receiving 2 invoices for the usage from 1st – 14th (Old rate) & 15th – 31st (new rate) respectively at the end of the month.

For further clarifications please feel free to get in touch with your respective Account Administrator or alternatively you may reach out to for assistance.