Contestants should not send SMS or Whatsapp messages between 10pm-6am


Contestants in the elections should not disturb the electorate with SMS or messages on Whatsapp from 10pm to 6am. This is as per the Election Commission of India letter written to chief electoral offices of all states and union territories.

In the instructions on prevention of defacement of open spaces and public property, ECI secretary NT Bhutia pointed out that the prohibited time of loudspeakers for election campaign is between 10pm and 6am. The commission while modifying its letter dated April 20, 2018 has also said there will be a prohibition on campaign related activity, including door-to-door campaign, SMS, WhatsApp, calls, and usage of loud speakers during that time. “It is necessary to respect the privacy of the citizens and reduce disturbance to public life in general,” the ECI said.

These instructions will be communicated to the district election officers, returning officers and other election-related authorities and also to the state units of national parties, recognised state parties and registered unrecognised parties in all the states and union terroritories.

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